Friday, November 30, 2007

ohh the relief

my father has had a pacemaker fitted today and everything went well. now he has a few day's rest, then he has another minor op to deaden a nerve to the heart.
as for me well the arthritis has eased off a lot. still rather tender, but up and moving around a lot better. but now i cannot be bothered doing anything. i must be OK, as a mate rang this morning. as he said i am back to my cheeky self again, or was smart a???? self. my am i am getting a lot of relief now from the rheumatoid arthritis it is just wonderful. so at the moment i have a quiet weekend planned.




whiteangel said...

Hello DDS,

Nice to hear that you dad is doing well. As for you, you sound a lot happier and happy to hear you are getting relief with your arthritis.

Take care,

mandy said...

I hope you`re having a good weekend DDS....

Take care now....