Friday, May 2, 2008

Thursday, December 6, 2007

I have had a bit of a problem with my comp running slow. So I have been cleaning out, bits + pieces. Updating you name it I have been doing it lately. I also tried to run nath through a procedure of deleteing bits on his comp that may be causing him problems, but it is hard trying to tell a 10 yr old over the phone how to do things. Especially when they have the TV going as well. Nath has spoken to me every night this week on the phone, and is coming down saturday night to stay. So things with hin and myself are ok. Yet he keeps reminding me that mum does not like me. But at least we are civil too each other. Mum keeps telling me our relationship is over, and I know that. The writing has been on the wall, for some months now. So it is no surprise to me.


Sunday, December 2, 2007

my boy

well what was going to be a quiet weekend for me, turned out rather fun filled and pleasureable. nath and his mate where dropped of for a couple of hours, but stayed till 3 pm today. we ended up having KFC, for tea last night. then went to the beach for a couple of hours. the kids had a great time, and of course i love seeing them have so much it has cheered me up no end to see nath, and he was to see me as well. so now to see if any of my wishes come true, on my santa wish list. Hmmm time will tell.nath was funny when i took him home, as i pulled up the drive way at his mum's. and he said dad park out the front please as mum does not want you on her property. well mum came out and we where quite civil to each other. which made nath happy as well. nath had also told me on the weekend some parts of his comp were not working properly, so i mentioned this to his mum, and said i could have a look at it for them. which she said if you want you can, so i went and had a look at it. unfortunately he has downloaded that much junk, it would take me hours to fix it. yet nath seemed more relaxed that mum had allowed me inside to look at his comp. i have told nath i could take the comp home and fix it during the week but he wants me to leave it for another time. at least i got the main parts working again for him. it surprising just by seeing nath, has cheered me up so much.

have a great week

Friday, November 30, 2007

ohh the relief

my father has had a pacemaker fitted today and everything went well. now he has a few day's rest, then he has another minor op to deaden a nerve to the heart.
as for me well the arthritis has eased off a lot. still rather tender, but up and moving around a lot better. but now i cannot be bothered doing anything. i must be OK, as a mate rang this morning. as he said i am back to my cheeky self again, or was smart a???? self. my am i am getting a lot of relief now from the rheumatoid arthritis it is just wonderful. so at the moment i have a quiet weekend planned.



Thursday, November 29, 2007

just me

i really have not been bothered to blog lately and when i have it has been short and sweet. (well maybe not that short) the rheumatoid arthritis has been annoying me lately, so with this and my break up with Jude,. then of course my boy Nath, who speaks to me one night then the next night rings and does not want to see or speak to. has had my head in a bit of a turmoil. yet the poor kid himself is that confused himself, so now i just wait for him to contact me. at least now the arthritis is easing off,, still a bit of pain. but not as severe as over the weekend. so things are on the improve, the sooner the better as i want to get out and do some gardening. "SMILES"

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

well here i am again, i chucked a wobbly early in the week. but i am nearly over it for now.